Voice of the TT

Hi~ I'm TT. I'd like to introduce a 65% mechanical keyboard: VOICE. This keyboard was designed by me and my friend Nomi. After six months of collision of design concepts, it was finally perfectly presented.

Voice is a three-layer structure, with upper cover plate, middle frame and lower cover plate. This is the gasket mount structure. Since I always like the gasket mount structure, the voice I'm going to make this time is also the gasket mount structure.

The original intention of making this kit is to commemorate my band OWL. When I was young and ignorant, OWL carried my dream and lead me to escape from this secular society. However, after start working, there is no time to enjoy these music things again. After all, life is tough. As you can see, We boldly destroy the original shape with a knob on the upper right corner of the keyboard. This is the idea of my friend NOMI and I. We think that music expresses a boundless will and a yearning for freedom. Therefore, we made a knob to break through the shape. This knob is used to adjust the volume, RGB MATRIX bightness and RGB bar brightness. It is convenient for you to listen to songs and hide in the room to watch movies Will follow the volume adjustment to do some effects, and return to the previous effect after 3 seconds.

Other parameters:

1. PCB can be soldered and hot swapped, and support RGB lighting

2. Four colors: black and white, blue and silver, electrophoretic white, anode gray, anode black, anode blue

3. The counterweight on the back is made of brass PVD (mirror) effect

4. The light bar supports dozens of lamp effects

5. Keyboard slope: 6 degrees

6. The thickness of positioning plate is 1.5mm, and the material is aluminum